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List of Exhibitions

June 2021

March 2020

December 2019

October 2019

November 2018

December 2017

September 2017

July 2017

February 2016

June 2015

May 2014

May 2012

Bucharest Stickerz Fest, Group Exhibition

Stick-Up, Group Exhibition

Art Tooth: Family Reunion II,
Group Exhibition

Stickupalicious, Group Exhibition

Mag & May Mural Project

Mutually Exclusive, Group Exhibition

Drawing & Painting Junior Review,
Group Exhibition

Solo Exhibition

RAW Talent: 500X Gallery, Group Exhibition

Rough Around The Edges, Group Exhibition

Dallas Is Dead, Group Exhibition

Fort Worth Modern: Teen/Artist Project, Group Exhibition

J'ai Bistrot București: Bucharest, Romania

De Tank: Brugge, Belgium

FWCAC: Fort Worth, Texas

Steen: Ghent, Belgium

Mag & May: Fort Worth, Texas

Voertman's Gallery: Denton, Texas

Cora Stafford Gallery: Denton, Texas

Hosted by

500X Gallery: Dallas, Texas

H. Paxton Moore Fine Art Gallery: Dallas, Texas

Capital L Arts: Dallas, Texas

Gallery 414: Fort Worth, Texas

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